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Thema: Wirtschaft Griechenlands - Οικονομία της Ελλάδας - Economy of Greece

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    Wie ernst alle gucken, kein Wunder: nicht mal Kaffee und paar Oliven hat man ihnen gebracht, so eine Konferenz würde ich sofort boykottieren

    Ich hatte mal ein Bewerbungsgespräch vor 15 Jahren oder so, die haben mich zu zweit 1,5 Stunden lang richtig hart rangenommen und nur eine kleine Tasse Kaffee gegönnt, diese Wixxas. Ich hätte einfach meine Zigaretten rausholen und eine anstecken sollen. Die haben mir tatsäöchlich ein Angebot gemacht, aber ich wollte garnicht wechseln sondern nur checken was mein Arsch so wert ist.
    Dieses Land ist wegen kollektiver Verdummung dem Tod geweiht

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    Griechenlands Wirtschaft stürzt ab

    Das war abzusehen. Das Land ist zu sehr vom Tourismus abhängig und produziert nichts. Aber dank der Türkei-Themen kann man das Volk sehr leicht von der Realität ablenken. Für die Diaspora Griechen ist das natürlich egal. Die Griechen, die in Griechenland leben sind diejenigen, die leiden.

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    hdf almila
    Dieses Land ist wegen kollektiver Verdummung dem Tod geweiht

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    Beeindruckend, dass ausgerechnet Griechenland wirtschaftlich so gut dagegen hält.

    Moody’s expects the economy to start rebounding from the third quarter, gaining strength in the fourth. It is therefore retaining its forecast for a 9.5% economic drop for 2020 as a whole and a 7% rebound in 2021.

    Die Wirtschaft wird um ca 9.5% dieses Jahr zurückgehen, und 2021 wird ein 7% Wachstum erwartet. In 2 Jahren wird sich die Wirtschaft somit vollständig erholen können.

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    Exports record 9.2% rise in July year-on-year

    Greek exports showed some remarkable resilience in July despite the blow from the pandemic to the global economy.

    Provisional data by the Hellenic Statistical Authority show that, excluding oil products, Greek exports posted a 9.2% increase to reach 2.3 billion euros from €2.1 billion a year earlier.

    If one adds oil products, however, the total volume of exports reached €2.8 billion euros with a 10.1% decline, due to the drop in global oil prices.

    Greece’s imports posted a significant decline of 12.7% or €645.8 million, to come to €4.4 billion in July. Therefore the trade deficit fell by 17.1% to €1.5 billion.

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    Greece remains the global leader in shipping, according to the annual report by the Union of Greek Shipowners (EEE). Although this country accounts for just 0.16% of the global population, Greek shipowners control 20.67% of the global shipping capacity and 54.28% of capacity in the European Union, in 2019 data.

    The report highlights that in the period from 2007 to 2019 the Greeks more than doubled the shipping capacity of their fleet; they have invested to a great extent in new and energy-efficient vessels, taking the average age of the Greek-owned fleet to 9.17 years, well below the mean rate of the global fleet (9.61 years).

    Along with Singapore, China and Hong Kong, all of which have recently added to their fleets, as well as Japan, Greece completes the world’s big five shipping powers.

    The main challenge for Greek shipping remains the “immediate strengthening of the Greek register’s competitiveness, so as to contain the outflow of vessels from it, before the situation becomes irreversible,” EEE President Theodore Veniamis notes in the report, adding also the need to revive the seafaring character of the Greek people.

    Those two issues, the national register and maritime employment, “are intertwined matters that require an integrated approach and strategy, constituting the priorities of the national shipping policy,” Veniamis comments.

    In this context he believes that the recent reforms for recruiting Greeks to Greek-flagged ships under conditions that are compatible with practices in the international shipping labor market will offer fresh strength to the Greek register, “rendering our vessels an attractive option.”

    As for the recession the pandemic has brought, the report records that it has led to a deterioration in the chartering market, with some ship categories experiencing a nosedive in rates and demand next to zero. Therefore, Veniamis argues, “the sustainability of shipping companies must be safeguarded, which requires securing their cash flow and some flexibility in the repayment of their loans.”

    He added that, to that end, the industry has asked the European institutions and banks to include shipping firms in the horizontal measures for the pandemic.

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    6.8 Milliarden für die griechische Wirtschaft

    PM heralds boost of 6.8 bln for economy

    Apart from the expenditure he pledged at the weekend for Greece’s ambitious military upgrade, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis also announced economic measures to tackle the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, including tax cuts and the extension of subsidies.

    The economic package adds up to 6.8 billion euros injected into the economy, he said during his speech on the grounds of the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).

    Mitsotakis announced a total of 12 initiatives that will form the basis of a roadmap of economic recovery leading into 2021. The measures, he said, aim to protect employment and productive activity and to support the income of the financially weak “in the difficult period that lies ahead of us.”

    Four of the new measures, he said, support work, three support business liquidity and investment, and another five support the incomes of the weakest. Among these initiatives is the decision to reduce social insurance contributions for 2021 by 3 points from 39.7% to 36.7% and to scrap the solidarity levy in 2021 for private sector employees, self-employed professionals and farmers. What’s more, a subsidy scheme for 100,000 new jobs is being established, while the SynErgasia labor subsidy program is being extended until the end of 2020.

    All unemployment benefits are extended for two months while a third cycle of favorable financing for small and medium-sized enterprises will begin. In addition, the ENFIA property tax has been scrapped for 26 small islands.

    For those employed in professional sectors affected by the pandemic, the obligation to pay insurance contributions and debts to the tax office is postponed until 2021 while reduction of VAT rates was extended for six months. Moreover, the primary residence of vulnerable households with unpaid loans is not in danger of being auctioned until the end of 2020.

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    Positive outlook for tourism

    Despite the early termination of this year’s tourism season due to the resurgence of coronavirus cases, the Greek destination has won the safe operation challenge, which serves as a promise for a much better 2021.

    Provisional estimates by large hoteliers and tour operators, as well as by leading officials in the tourism sector for next year see the industry’s activity recovering 50% of the record year of 2019, up from 20% in 2020. This is unless a serious surge in the pandemic takes place, or the standoff with Turkey spins out of control.

    The experts estimate that the number of foreign visitors will more than double next year, compared with 2020, and if this proves correct it would also help boost the recovery process of the national economy.

    Greek Tourism Confederation chief Yiannis Retsos told Kathimerini that “the conditions are there for 2021 to reach up to 50% of 2019 figures.”

    Such is the positive outlook for next year that, for example, the hotels of the Sani/Ikos group have already sold 22% of their night stays for 2021 in its nine units, management sources have told Kathimerini. At the same point of the year in 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak, the group had only 8%-9% of its capacity booked for 2020.

    The same sources say that these bookings for 2021 do not include those who cancelled their holidays this year and received a voucher but new sales and re-bookings. The Sani/Ikos group, which currently appears better positioned ahead of next season based on the bookings reported, attributes this picture to its policy of covering the cost of testing all of its guests twice and to the strict health protocols it has applied.

    Grecotel management sources say that although it is too early to make any safe predictions about 2021, they already discern strong demand for next year. Based on their contacts with major tour operators, the prospect of a coronavirus vaccine coming out and indications that next season will also include May, the management sources estimate that next year the group can recover 60%-70% of the occupancy of 2019.

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    Στην υπογραφή σύμβασης εμπορικής συνεργασίας με την Fox Group προχώρησε η Jumbo στις 24 Ιουλίου, όπως αποκαλύπτει η ελληνική εταιρεία σε σημερινή της ανακοίνωση. Όπως αναφέρεται, η Fox Group, είναι ηγέτιδα στον χώρο του λιανεμπορίου στο Ισραήλ, εισηγμένη στο χρηματιστήριο του Tel Aviv, με 9 σήματα δικά της και 11 συνεργασίες franchise με εταιρείες με διεθνή παρουσία στο λιανεμπόριο.

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    FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday expressed his country’s interest in participating in the construction of a liquified natural gas terminal in the northern Greek port city of Alexandroupoli, MIA has reported.

    According to FYROM’s state news agency, Zaev met with the CEO of the Copelouzos Group, the founding shareholder of the Gastrade consortium that has undertaken construction of a floating station for the gasification and temporary storage of liquefied natural gas by 2023.

    Zaev met Christos Copelouzos during a visit to Athens on Tuesday that was also attended by delegations from the FYROM government and the Greek firm.

    The LNG terminal will have a capacity of 170,000 cubic meters and the ability to supply over 5.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

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