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Thema: Wirtschaft Griechenlands - Οικονομία της Ελλάδας - Economy of Greece

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    Motor Oil: Απόκτηση αιολικού πάρκου δυναμικότητας 3 MW

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    Κοινή εταιρεία δημιουργούν Vodafone - Wind για τις κεραίες κινητής

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    July 24 (Reuters) - Fitch on Friday affirmed Greece's rating at 'BB', citing high income per capita levels and confidence in the sustainability of its public finances, following a shock economic impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    "The combination of policy measures to address the impact of the pandemic, automatic stabilisers and lower economic activity will result in the general government balance swinging from a surplus of 1.9% of GDP in 2019 to a 7.8% of GDP deficit this year ", the ratings agency said in a statement.

    The agency maintained Greece's outlook at 'stable'. (Reporting by Nilanjana Basu in Bengaluru; Editing by Ramakrishnan M.)

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    Weitere Investitionen von 500 Millionen!

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    EU funds to boost GDP by 2%

    The annual growth rate of the Greek economy can be accelerated through the European Commission’s Next Generation EU fund so as to reach up to 4% in the next decade, from below 2% in the last three years, argues a report by the Bank of Greece on the impact of the extraordinary recovery fund on the country’s gross domestic product.

    The study, to which central banker Yannis Stournaras referred in a Bloomberg TV interview on Wenesday, estimates that the recovery fund’s 32 billion euros in grants and loans could increase the pace of growth by two percentage points for the next six years – i.e. from 2021 to 2026. “It will have a very positive effect on the economy,” argued Stournaras, adding that this will require an upward revision of the growth targets for the coming years.

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    Offensichtlich trifft es den Tourismus sehr hart.Da können wir den Hotelbetreiben nur einen langen Atem wünschen.

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    Ελληνικές startups διαστημικής τεχνολογίας

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